Kolonilotten, stilla odling
Kolonilotten, stilla odling

Lockelsen med lövkrattning
Så hemma, så skönt. Så stilla
nej, inte mer
inte någonsin mer
gör det inte igen
Blir svårt ärlig
men sann
Mot dig, mot mig
Bråttom nu

Hav, hav

69 reaktioner till “Sann”

  1. 1c1Tu és mara, guria!!Minha intenção sempre foi me divertir – confesso que hoje me divirto menos do que no começo,mas ainda me divirto muito. Qqr pessoa que crie blog com outro objetivo além desse, não vai entender a experiência toda.Mas enfim, é como tu disse, tem lugar pra todo mundo e tem leitor pra todo mundo tbem!!Grande beijo pra ti!!

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  5. Moi aussi HEn je trouverais ça bizarre d’être seulement généreux au lit et pas avant et après, dans le quotidiennement des rencontres. J,ai pour mon dire que l’On est toujours la même personne en tout temps. En tout cas en ce qui me concerne.

  6. Desiree is like a giant candy in the sweet shop. I just love to savour her style and she makes me so happy all the time. You have found me a new favourite poem. I didn't see it at Desiree's place, although it must be at home there. I have been practising very, very hard already.Your practice warrants a gold star, Young Missy, which you can add to your delicious purple and red ensemble. Your cherry tree loves you.

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  24. Hey Jenn! Great to hear from you. So far I’m not having any extra crazy amount of fun … so I’m being good. I think it was all the work I did on Friday (weeding, cleaning, unpacking boxes) that crippled my body from wanting to do anything. Possibly it is your mother who brings out the ‘opposite of good’ (but I don’t want to say evil … how about goofiness) out of me?

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